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“No Excuse For Failure”

Hear the incredible story of how millionaire success coach, mindset coach, motivational speaker and trainer. Mardy M.D. Eger, went from a life of tragedy, losing his parents, mother, grandparents and multiple family members at the tender age of 10 years of age. Growing up as an orphan, in and out of foster system, experiencing abuse, let downs, and shattered dreams as a youth and young adult.

As an adult losing everything, including three children and he and his wife ending up bankrupt and homeless. Taking you through the voyage to today, where he and his wife now living the American dream enjoying a Seven figure debt free income and impacting the lives of many worldwide.

No Excuse for Failure will impact, inspire, motivate and equip you to go to the next level in your life no matter where you are.

This powerful book is a must read for every individual that has a burning desire to be successful!

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Mardy Eger's No Excuse For Failure has changed my life and the lives of my leadership! This is a must have and must read!

Jason K - Atlanta Ga

No Excuse For Failure is certainly a must! This awesome book became a part of my personal daily devotions. It challenged me in my multi Million dollar business so much I had it included to all sales kits and training materials that went out to all of my reps. And boy what a difference it has made!

Casey Y Florida

Mr. Eger's book No Excuse For Failure is for the intellectual as well as the non. It is a book that resonates to ll genres of people from all walks of life. The book is a easy read and can be read in one day if given the time, but the content is so powerful and life changing it is almost like a complete make over. It challenged me even in my profession to take things to the next level. I am glad I was exposed to this and have purchased several copies for my patients to read while in the waiting area of my practices.

Dr. Thomas F Los Angeles, Calif

As a professional athlete it is important for me to keep my head in the game. And that is exactly what first my reading Mardy's book No Excuse For Failure did for me. It even prompted me to seek and schedule a sit down with him for a one on one. That now has blossomed to more than a two year relationship for continued growth, as well as better performance from me on the field to few extra digits on my contract.

Larry F Arizona